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I'm David Vidales, the founder and leader of Online Course Secrets, a global community with thousands of course creators from all over the world.


This Is My Story


l was born and raised in a big co-living in Stockholm, Sweden. All the apartments were separated but every night we would all gather to eat dinner together, hundreds of people who all knew each other.

To me, this was normal and I just assumed everyone left their doors open and knew everything about their neighbors.

I grew up in a very tight community and thinking back on it now, it’s no wonder things turned out the way they would...

In my teens, I had no real interest in school, instead, I focused on my favorite video games. We used to get together, my friends and I, and play together long into the night.

Our small gatherings kept on growing and within a few years, we started to organize our first international tournaments. Hundreds of people showed up from all over Europe and we were so happy to see all our friends together, doing what we loved most.

But in the middle of all this, my world was turned upside down. My uncle whom I had worked very closely with, took his own life.

Now all I could think about were questions of life and death. If my uncle had caused so much pain by dying, what would happen if I was to live fully?

But what does it really mean to live fully?

I realized that even though I was breathing, this wasn't it. I wasn’t following my passion to where it called me, and having been confronted with death like this, I knew that something had to change.

Following My Passion


So I decided to stop holding myself back and just let go. I had wanted to visit every gamer's dream-land for so long, so I packed my bags and traveled to Seoul, South Korea.

Weeks turned into months and months into years, I was having the time of my life.

I started working as an English tutor and eventually got a job as a community manager. I launched my own YouTube channel in my free time and it started to grow very fast.

More and more started following my channel and so my passion for bringing people together just got stronger and stronger.

It became so clear that life will give you everything if you just follow your passion all out. I knew that I wanted to experience this freedom for the rest of my life, to live life to the fullest and in total abundance.

But more importantly, I wanted everyone around me to get a chance to experience this as well. I had found my big why, my answer to what it means to live fully.

To thrive by helping others!

My Time Struggling


Something had happened, all I could think about was how I could serve others. So I started pursuing another passion of mine, which is to write. I published my first book but since I didn’t know how to market it properly, not many people bought it.

Nevertheless, I was determined to keep trying and make a living by helping others. I began experimenting with video production and so I started my own show at home where I would invite interesting people to share their stories.

And although I learned a lot, it wasn't enough. I wanted to reach more people and serve at a higher level.

So what could I do?

Around this time I heard about online courses for the first time, and I was immediately hooked. For months and months I worked on my first course but when it was finally time for the big launch, I couldn’t make any sales.

You can imagine how defeated I felt, something was obviously wrong so I hired a coach to gain more clarity. He asked me all the right questions and after a lot of soul-searching, it suddenly clicked.

The reason I couldn't sell my course was that I lacked a strong position, I didn't have my own audience, and my course wasn't transformational, since I had created it out of my own head instead of deeply listening to my followers.

Why hadn't I built a mission-driven community like I did when I was younger?

I could finally see how much I had taken my own experiences for granted, how much I had learned over the years of bringing people together and how valuable all these insights actually were.

My Big Realization


It was finally clear that if you want to get your message out into the world and help others with your expertise, you need to do it together with those you serve.

To succeed with your online course you need to build your community and create the course together with your students!

I got straight to work and founded The Online Course Secrets Facebook Group, a global community that has become the second home for thousands of course creators from all over the world.

By helping our members I have improved at my craft in ways I could have never imagined. I have learned so much about the obstacles other course creators struggle with each and every day.

This was the key for me to create, market, and sell a course I knew was in demand by my audience. I developed my own method and in 2019, I launched The Online Course Secrets Step-By-Step Program where I help others follow in my footsteps.

This is a program specifically designed to help you build your own community and create a profitable online course that your audience can’t wait to get their hands on.

The more I work with my students the more I realize that we all carry these amazing experiences we so often take for granted. We all have something we’re passionate about, something that others would gladly invest in to learn more about. I have my unique thing, and you have yours!

My Vision Going Forward

My vision is a world where we all thrive by helping others. A world where we all follow our passion, make our impact, and expand our freedom. For our friends and families, for our communities, and for ourselves!